Best console RTS games

It is fairly simple to learn but not nearly as easy to master. Once you are in the game you are given a base that has spots to build buildings. The factions you get to choose from are awesome, from the skaven (rat people) to orcs and goblins, they all have a unique feel and are just brilliantly crafted. Each leader also comes with a unique unit that they character may use. It is still a very good game but you will need a run through the tutorial a few times to really grasp the controls. There are no buildings to be created or anything particularly out of the ordinary but the game is still loads of fun. Micro managing can definately help you get ahead in this game but it isn't necessary. But even if you are on the hate side of that spectrum don't let that keep you from playing this amazing rts. There are several other game types are available through dlc such as a capture the flag style game mode and a game mode where you are given reinforcements instead of being aloud to build your own units. The game is amazingly fun for anyone, halo fan or not. You can buy an upgrade units until you are out of money, just keep in mind that your opponent gets the same amount of money. I prefer Kanes Wrath but it is all up to personal preferance

. It is usually the picture most people get in their head when thinking of an rts. It is a fun but challenging rts that allows you to build where you want and gives you a huge list of units to use to take down your enemies. Halo wars also has something I'm not used to in an rts, an amazing story. You start a game by choosing a leader, for the unsc the leader you choose gives you a special power to use such as a carpet bomb.

Warhammer Batte March

If you are looking for a practical RTS game then this isn't it. There are several different game modes but the goal is always the same, kill all the enemy units. Warhammer is admittedly very different. While it isnt my personal favorite I still see why it gets the attention it does. Overall halo wars is fun, simple for the genre, and can have you playing for hours.

Command and Conquer

Probably the most well known rts out there. Build what you want, where you want, and do whatever you see fit to try to take down the enemy. The basic concept is that you create an army based on a budget that you can control. You unfortunately cannot free build but that suprisingly doesn't subtract from the fun. This is definately the game you want to buy if your looking for a challenging rts that gives you plenty of options. The controls for this game are pretty difficult so those who just want to jump right into a game may want to look elsewhere. For most people this is the best you can get when it comes to an rts, and I have had a good amount of fun with it myself. It isn't for everyone but its still a very solid game.

Halo Wars

Halo is one of those games most people either love or hate. Each faction has very different and unique units that definately change the way you play, along with unlockable powers that can turn the tides in a close game. The main goal of the game, like in many other rts games is to wipe out your opponent. It is very fun making your own personal army with your favorite units and seeing how well you can fair against the computer or an online opponent. Every second of the campaign is incredibly fun and the way the story developes is unbelievable. The covenant leaders are physical units that are very tough and also have their own special ability. These units also have plenty of upgrades which adds an extra layer of depth to the game. With all the options you are given it can be pretty easy to get crossed up and end up getting destroyed, but the trial and error is all part of the fun

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